Italy’s divorced men “terrorised by sly, greedy women”

ITALY’S top divorce lawyer is refusing to defend women in legal disputes between separated couples because she says they are “terrorising men” by demanding alimony payments so large they are obliged to go back to live with their mothers.,Annamaria Bernardini de Pace, 66, said she had met many “poisonous” women in recent years who married for money and then expected to be supported for life after their divorce.,“Men don’t understand that the world has changed, that some women have become sly and cunning,” she said. “I say to these women, ‘At what moment did you stop loving your husband?’ They reply, ‘I never loved him. I married him because he was rich.’”,Bernardini de Pace, who is divorced with two children, was at pains to convey that she had defended thousands of women who needed help navigating a legal system once heavily skewed in favour of man.,To see the full article clicca qui